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Home ownership may be the single largest financial investment you will make in your lifetime.  The purchase or sale of your primary residence, vacation home, or investment property can be both a stressful and an exhilarating. I have in-depth knowledge and experience in handling both residential and commercial real estate transactions including drafting purchase and sale agreements, and riders to contracts. 

Communication among all parties is essential: client, real estate agent, title company, surveyor, and inspectors.  I facilitate efficient communication by working cooperatively with all members of the transaction to assure my client’s goals.  Selling a property in New Jersey may require a Certificate of Occupancy from your municipality.  Further, New Jersey law mandates a smoke detector and carbon monoxide certificate.  I am able to assist in navigating these matters as we work together through the sale and purchase process.      

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I handle landlord-tenant matters for my clients as well. Disputes between landlords and tenants are common. Both tenants and landlords should know their rights and responsibilities under federal, state, and local law, and make sure the terms of the lease or rental agreement are clear. I am able to assist both landlords and tenants as they work to resolve conflicts, which can often be resolved outside of the courtroom.

I also draft and review residential and commercial lease agreements for owners and tenants, to help ensure that these documents are clear and in accordance with the applicable laws. Written leases protect the property owner and tenants and include provisions about payment, security deposits, policies on subletting, pets, and other activities, and include penalty provisions for breaking or breaching the lease. No matter what rules are set, putting them in a written document ensures that all parties are protected.

I represent individual and business landowners before local Planning and Zoning Boards to obtain variances, site plan approvals, as well as county and state approvals. I work cooperatively with all members of the land use team: engineer, architect, and planner.

I am an advocate for individuals in Consumer Fraud litigation cases against builders, contractors, and home remodelers who have experienced significant construction defects upon the completion of their project.

I represent individuals and business landowners in real estate tax appeal matters. The notification of a real estate tax increase can be quite concerning. Those seeking to appeal this increase may do so with my assistance. I work with appraisers that will evaluate the value of your property, prepare a report for your tax appeal, and will testify at your tax appeal hearing if the matter cannot be settled. There are strict time deadlines that must be adhered to for your tax appeal. I will review your property tax assessment and let you know if your tax appeal is likely to be successful.

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