I am a court appointed R.1:40 Civil Mediator for the New Jersey Courts.   A mediator is a neutral person who helps facilitate the mediation process and provides a neutral lens through which both parties can view the issues. The role of a mediator is to explain the process to the parties and to assist them in understanding and analyzing the facts of the case.   A mediator does not make a decision about the case.

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The mediation process is not designed to decide right or wrong but to diffuse the situation and enable meaningful discussion to see if the matter can be settled.  Mediation is an attempt to facilitate negotiations and a resolution between two or more parties, and to settle the matter outside of court which is often a preferable alternative.

The ideal outcome for mediation is for the parties to reach a mutually agreeable settlement.  Mediation is generally a cooperative, expedited, and less expensive alternative to what can often be a lengthy and protracted litigation experience.

My mediation practice areas include: collections, construction, contract, commercial transactions, employment (Law Against Discrimination and Whistleblower), general equity, personal injury, probate, real estate, and tort law.

Want To Settle Your Case Outside Of Court? Consider Mediation

  • Participants Control The Process
  • Reduces Conflict
  • Saves Time
  • Participants Control The Outcome
  • Saves Money

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Mediation saves time and money, I can help!