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Ensuring that your needs and wishes are known and protected is the ultimate goal of well-crafted estate planning documents.  The death of a loved one, the birth of a new child, or a major trip overseas can all be reasons that spark an individual to seek out legal advice regarding their estate planning documents, or lack thereof.  Estate planning documents benefit all individuals, not just the elderly.

It is important to remember that your estate planning documents must be drafted and executed while you are mentally competent to do so.  Therefore, it is essential to have your estate planning documents in place before tragedy strikes, or your loved one needs to go into an assisted living facility or nursing home.  If you plan early, there are strategies that can be implemented to shield your assets.  I can work in conjunction with your financial planner, accountant, and life insurance agent when drafting your estate planning documents, as appropriate.

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I will review your estate planning documents to ensure that your life circumstances are being adequately addressed and counsel you on the documents needed to ensure that your medical wishes will be carried out. A Living Will / Healthcare Directive designates a healthcare representative who will make your medical decisions when you are no longer able to do so. This document provides your representative with direction as to your wishes for treatment and heroic measures such as life support, nutrition and what you may or may not want to preserve your life if you become incapacitated. A Power of Attorney designates someone to handle your financial affairs. Power of Attorneys can become effective upon signing or upon the individual becoming incompetent. There are pros and cons to each type of Power of Attorney which I will review with you.

I am experienced in all aspects of estate administration: probating a Will, managing an intestate situation where one has passed without a Will, defending against estate litigation or a contested Will, and advocating in guardianship matters where a loved one lacks capacity. I have been appointed by the Superior Court of New Jersey (Mercer County) to represent incapacitated individuals in guardianship hearings. I have also represented individuals seeking to obtain guardianship of a loved one.

If you have previously drafted your estate documents, it is essential to have them professionally reviewed periodically to ensure that they are still in compliance with the law and reflect your wishes and desires for the disposition of your assets.

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